The Large Market of Turkish Contracting Sector


Primarily in its own region,Turkish contracting sectorhas made its mark in highvolumeprojects in differentregions of the world. Turkish contractingsector that exceeded 10 billion dollarsworth of undertaken projects forthe first time in 2004, has displayeda performance over 20 billion dollarssince 2006 despite the politicaland economic fluctuations around theworld. Project cost of 26.6 billion dollarsthat was undertaken in 2012 is thehighest figure achieved. While the averageproject cost was around 20 milliondollars in the beginning of 2000s,this figure has increased to the range of40 million dollars from 2006 onwards.Average project cost that continued inthis range for around 5 years has acceleratedconsiderably in 2012 and increasedto the range of 60 million dollars..At present, Turkish contractors aremaking their marks successfully inmajor projects mainly in Commonwealthof Independent States, followedby Middle-east and Africa. Regionaldistribution of the undertaken projectsto this day by the end of January 2013is; CIS 44% (105.7 billion dollars), Middle-East 27% (66.4 billion dollars), Africa19% (46.4 billion dollars), Europe andAmerica 7% (16.7 billion dollars), Asia-Pacific 3% (7.3 billion dollars.)Volume of 8.5 billion dollarsin UAETurkish contracting sector that hasbeen active in the region for a long timeis realizing a considerable level of projectsin United Arab Emirates. Between1972 and 2013, the value of the totalprojects realized by the Turkish contractors was 8.4 billion dollars. This figureindicates that 3.5 percent of all theoverseas projects of Turkish contractorswere realized in United Arab Emirates.Looking at 2012 as a whole, it canbe seen that the margin of the projectsrealized in UAE by the Turkish contractingsector in the overall projectsoverseas is higher. With projects worth1.2 billion dollars, margin of the projectsrealized in UAE in overall projectsoverseas has increased to 4.8 percent.


Turkish signatu re from thefloor to the roofTurkish contracting companies hasacquired a good position specifically inUnited Arab Emirates in the last 5 years.Turkish companies have undertakencontracts with domestic and foreignpartners especially in a great numberof projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, andin this context, took active parts in projectssuch as subways, bridges, highways,skyscrapers, hotels, residences offices and tourism facilities. In additionto complete construction projects,Turkish companies have made theirmarks in considerably important sideprojects of buildings such as conductingground studies, penetration of thepiles, or manufacture and assemblyof electro-mechanical parts and theyconstituted an important part of theUAE contracting sector. Crisis experiencedin Dubai, which is one of the locationswhere the Turkish contractingsector has completed major projectsin the recent years, affected the Turkishcontracting companies operating inthis area, to some extent. In the emirateof Abu Dhabi, which owns 85% ofthe lands and oil revenues of UAE, thepresence of State’s investment fundsaccumulated as based on the high oil prices in the recent years, but believedto have fallen to around 200 billiondollars because of the bankrupt banksand portfolio investments in USA,have assured the effect of this crisisto be more limited when comparedto Dubai and even though the constructionprojects have slowed down,there has been no major-scale cancellationsso far. Some of the companiesthat had their projects cancelledor troubled in Dubai have moved toAbu Dhabi searching for new businessopportunities. Although Sharjah, Ajman,Umm Al Quwein, Ras Al Khaimahand Fujairah, which are known asthe Northern Emirates of UAE were affectedby the crisis around the world,the effect was comparatively lightergiven the fact that constructionand general commercial activitiesare less intense in these emiratesthan in Dubai.

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