Stepping up to production phase in the year of 2000 following its investments, Seranova Seramik is now proud to announce that we are capable of producing 11 million m2/year which was once 2 million m2/year with its new investments. As a strict follower of the innovations in ceramic industry, Seranova Seramik always aims for a constant growth and development to sustain its brand prestige both in domestic and foreign markets. Seranova Seramik, producing floor and wall borders in a total space of 530.000 m2 – 50.000 m2 close and 480.000 m2 open field –, is holding an annual production capacity of 6 million m2 floor and 5 million m2 wall tiles, 11 million m2 in total. Utilizing single cook in floor ceramics and fast double cook technology in wall ceramics, Seranova Seramik has defined 2013 as the year of progress, development and innovation and as a result of the studies in this perspective digital pressing systems, polishing and quadrature lines and body painting system was integrated into the machine and equipment pool. All the floor and wall borders are produced as per TS EN 14411 standards. Allocating at least 35% of its production for exporting purposes, Seranova Seramik is the first enterprise to be enlisted in CE conformity marking declaration which enables the free circulation of ceramic products across Europe countries. Seranova Seramik strictly follows ISO 9001 Quality Management System in production phase; and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System as required by environmental consciousness. As an enterprise which decided to proceed its activities with the new brand name of “Seranova Seramik” with its innovative vision, thanks to which a great deal of progress was accomplished between the years of 2012 and 2013, Seranova Seramik aims to be a shining Turkish brand in world countries.

Adress       : Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 103 Cad. No: 130 - UŞAK / TÜRKİYE

Telephone : +90 276 266 72 31 (pbx)

Fax             : +90 276 266 72 22

Mail            : umpasseramik@umpasseramik.com.tr

Web Site   : http://www.seranova.com.tr