TamsaTile Ceramics Production Distribution and Commerce Incorporated Company wasfounded in August 1994. In the October of the same year, the construction ofthe establishment started on an area of 300.000 m², the 70.000 m² of which is aclosed area, and the construction was completed in just six months, and thefactory started production in July, 1995 and it took the first step on the wayof being a worldwide pride of the Aegean Region.Tamsa Ceramics produces all its products with TSE Certificate and all of theseproducts are registered by Turkish Patent Institution and they also have ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certificate and ISO 14001-2004 Environment ManagementCertificate which are quality management systems. Moreover, the company isincluded in CE International Information System.The firm, whose graphics of successhas been getting higher throughout time, is continuing its investments andkeeping on its way with the pride of being the leader of Turkey at ceramicsproduction with the production capacity of floor ceramics and wall ceramics.The firm has also been consolidating its sense of responsibility of quality andunconditional success from day to day. Its boundless imagination shaped by the preferencesof the consumer has overflowed beyond the borders of the country, has beenexported and takes place in construction markets in new countries from day today. Our firm keeps its determination on being the best follower of thedeveloping technology and innovations. Tamsa Ceramics, which does not make anyconcession from costumer pleasure and quality of service and product, is goingto keep on carrying ceramics, which was born from soil and got its life withfire and technology to the places you live in with the principle of expressdelivery at the extent that your imagination can reach.


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