Toprak Seramik started production of floor and wall tiles in 1978 with a production capacity of 10,500,000 m2/year at its 345,000 m2 facility with 30,000 m2 covered area, established in Bozüyük. In 1996, a new plant was established in Eskişehir, realizing production with 18,000,000 m2/year capacity on 1,200,000 m2 land, of which 115,000 m2 is covered area. In 2001, production of Toprak glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles started with state-of-the-art technology with 2 million m2 installed capacity in Eskişehir. Having a total covered area of 274,500 m2, Toprak Seramik has taken its place among the biggest producers of Turkey and of the world with 28,500,000 m2/year production capacity established on 1,836,000 m2 area. These facilities have been built primarily on the bases of technology and R & D. Housing the wall tile, floor tile, porcelain tile, acrylic bathtub, vitrified and cast iron radiator factory under its roof, Toprak Seramik has broken new grounds in Turkish ceramics sector since its establishment. 

The firsts launched in Bozüyük Factory with the roller kiln technology continues with ongoing investments parallel to developing technology. The parameters constituting the technical quality of our products are our technical equipment and trained manpower. Demands of domestic and foreign customers are met with a broad product range in the direction of market analyses. The controls realized at each stage of the production starting from the inputs, coupled with the automation offered by technology and the technical capabilities of laboratories assure the quality of the products. Our certificated TSEN ISO 9001 quality assurance system advances towards total quality target from design to the final product control.

Toprak Seramik Group forms a whole with the main production factories,  the raw material preparation facilities, frit production factory, and the facility for special-decor products. All of these facilities are equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, benefiting from technological developments with new ongoing investments. It is aimed to increase the product share in the world market with the technical quality, as well as with the product range that can meet the demands of different customers with rich colors and patterns, and with sizes varying from 10x10 cm to 60x120 cm. Toprak porcelain tiles produced with the well-known Toprak Seramik guarantee, boasting a brand-new range of robust, quality, elegant, esthetic, environmental-friendly, scratch- and frost-resistant, hygienic products are ideal for hotels, restaurants, stores, chain markets, shopping centers, hospitals, offices, factories and sidings. The Technical Services Directorate established within its body offers effective solutions to even the smallest problems of customers. Toprak Seramik reflects original Turkish culture in its designs by using computer-aided design culpabilities, and is in a continuous relationship with fashion centers in order to follow developing trends. Such synthesis is the most important element that brings forth the esthetic quality in the design of the products of Toprak Seramik.

This catalogue prepared by Toprak Seramik brings together the floor and wall tiles with esthetic designs, rich colors and patterns.


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