Virtual B2B Meeting Between Turkish and Chinese Ceramic Companies


Virtual B2B meeting organized by Turkishceramics and Foshan-China Ceramics City Group Co. Ltd. on the 11th March, brought together Turkish exporters and Chinese importers and distributors. 11 Turkish companies, 14 Chinese importer companies and the importer association-China Top Alliance which comprises of 30 importer companies participated the meeting.

Following welcome speeches by Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Guangzhou Serdar Afşar and Chairman of Turkishceramics Erdem Çenesiz, Turkishceramics Manager Erinç Tarhan made a presentation which provided information about Turkish ceramic sector and its position and advantages in global ceramics production and exportation.

Turkish ceramic exporters made presentations in which they introduced their own companies, including information about their brief history, capacities, portpholio. After introduction of the representatives of the Chinese companies, presentations were made by Chinese organizers regarding the general situation and import of China’s ceramics sector, Foshan City’s potential of ceramic consumption and new projects.

In the Q&A section of the meeting, Turkish and Chinese companies answered the questions. Meeting ended with closing speeches by Consulate General Serdar Afşar and Turkishceramics Chairman Mr. Erdem Çenesiz as both of them expressed that they are willing to do what is needed to improve trade relations betwen Turkey and China in ceramic sector.

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